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Agri Cycle

Going Green by Recycling our used Shotgun Cartridges

How many times over the season do you look at your pile of spent cartridges at the end of a drive and think to yourselves, what a waste and could they be recycled! At last there is a UK company who are recycling used shotgun cartridges and other plastic waste products.

Agri-Cycle Ltd, Barff Farm, Caenby, Lincoln, LN6 2AG Contact: Robert Moore on 01673 878215 
Agri-Cycle, have developed an agricultural waste plastic processing line at their site in Lincolnshire, one of only two that exist in the UK. They recycle most plastic waste products including used shotgun cartridges.

There is however a downside, that it does cost to go green. Agri-Cycle supply various sizes of bags and bins for storage of used shotgun cartridges at a small charge. We then need to deliver to a collection site near Malton.

However over the season I plan to accumulate a full load of used cartridges which they will collect from our yard. So would ask individual guns to bring your used cartridges to the Shoot Yard at Ripley, no matter where you have used them, where there will be bins for storage.

For those of you who run a shoot or individual guns who would be prepared to collect up used cartridges from the other shoots you attend, there is a small charge for bags and also bins if required.

For their enterprise to be viable Agri-Cycle need their raw material, i.e. plastic waste to arrive with them at no cost, they therefore need to charge to cover collection and transport costs:

A bag with a capacity for 4,500 cartridges at £6.00 per bag, of which £2.75 is donate by Agri-Cycle to The Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust.
A green bin manufactured from stockboard which will take a 4,500 capacity bag at £42.00 each. There is definitely no obligation to take a bin but it is useful to have one in any shoot yard.
A bag with a capacity of 21,000 cartridges at £20 per bag.
Black buckets made from recycled cartridges at £5.00 per bucket.
I have purchased a quantity of bags, bins and buckets from Agri-Cycle which will be available from Peter or David, I would ask you to return the bags to the shoot yard and we would store them for collection.

I do feel the cost involved is a small price to pay for a service our sport has needed for some time. I also understand that Agri-Cycle will be making a further donation to The Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust based on the number of cartridges they collect Nationwide over the season.

Agri-Cycle require all types of plastic waste products; feed bags, pesticide and spray containers, bottles, tree guards – anything plastic which can be recycled.

At Ripley Castle I only wish to handle used plastic shotgun cartridges, however if you wish to dispose of other plastic waste, please contact Agri-Cycle direct to make your own arrangements. I certainly do not plan for the Shoot Yard to become a plastic recycling depot!!
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