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Driven game shooting is a dangerous sport and although I try to assess and avoid risks, accidents may happen. When you join the shooting field you need to have the confidence that the Shoot, your fellow guns and yourself are adequately insured in the event of accident or injury.

With the ever increasing cost of litigation it is now necessary to have a minimum indemnity cover of £10 Million third party public and personal liability insurance. I confirm that Ripley Sporting has this level of cover, however in the event of a claim for an accident or injury caused by a member or guest, the first port of call will be on the persons own insurance.

I must therefore insist that anyone shooting with us on any area under the management of Ripley Sporting should ensure that themselves and their guests have the required minimum cover of £10 Million third party, public and personal liability insurance in place well in advance of joining a shoot day and carry proof of this on all shoot days.

As in the past this cover is available through GunsOnPegs for only £49 per annum or Membership of BASC, The Countryside Alliance or similar organisations. Please call GunsOnPegs on 0207 491 1363 to take out public liability insurance.

However we now have available a new insurance package which not only offers similar cover to Membership of shooting organisations but just as importantly with our increasingly unpredictable weather, insurance against the loss of shoot days due to adverse weather conditions.
TRIPLE BARRELLED COVER from GunsOnPegs is a must for everyone involved with driven shooting as it insures:

You as an individual, with £10 million Public liability, £55k personal accident cover and legal liability cover
Your guns, so your gun will be covered in the event of loss, theft or damage.
All of your purchased shoot days. So in the event of cancellation due to either foul weather, sickness, an accident, travel disruption, bereavement your costs are covered, even including the costs of your accommodation!

All this is available from only £133.26 per annum (including 9.5% IPT), which insures up to £2000 worth of claims for your gun damage/loss and £1000 worth of claims for shoot days/accommodation. Even more comprehensive levels of cover are available for those wanting to insure their gun up to and over £100,000 and their shoot days up to an £25,000 claim limit, with varying levels and prices in between (for further details and a quotation please contact GunsOnPegs on 0207 491 1363).

In the unfortunate event that you are unable to attend one of your days due to personal sickness, bereavement or a day is cancelled due to adverse weather conditions, the cancellation insurance will allow you to claim your money back simply and easily and enables you to reschedule your day for another time.

If you have ever purchased cancellation insurance before, you’ll know it can be quite expensive relative to the cost of the day, especially as it has to be purchased separately for each of your days shooting. Triple Barrelled Cover is the most affordable route for complete peace of mind for any game shot and this is still the case even if you are a member of one of the organisations offering public liability insurance within their membership.

There is also a significant benefit from insuring your guns under this policy. A number of people insure their guns via their house insurance policy, and then find that a modest claim for a gun fault can have a disproportionate affect on the costs of their home policy in future years, so a separate policy makes good sense. Worst still, GunsOnPegs have found that a number of home insurance policies do not even cover the gun against theft or damage outside the home.

If you would like to buy the insurance, please simply use the URL below: or telephone 0207 491 1363 for a quotation.


The GunsOnPegs website gives details of the various levels of cover available which should be sufficient for everyone shooting with Ripley Sporting, remembering of course that this new package covers all your personal shoot days and not just those with Ripley Sporting. 

If a day is cancelled anyone shooting on that day without cancellation insurance cover will lose their shoot fee. Ripley Sporting does not underwrite cancelled days. 

As this new shooting insurance package offers so many benefits, I do strongly recommend you consider subscribing to it as soon as possible.  

The GunsOnPegs Single Day Shoot Cancellation insurance offers extremely competitive rates which give piece of mind should a day be cancelled due to bad weather. This insurance is applicable if you are to take a whole day for your colleagues and wish to cover the total cost.

To purchase the cover, the individual taking it out must have a Triple Barrelled Cover Policy which will cover their peg cost (1/9th for example). Single day cancellation can then insure the remaining value.

The policy is designed to really look after you and your team should you be unable to shoot for the reasons detailed above. Please visit GunsOnPegs website to view full details of the policy.

Single Day Shoot Cancellation Insurance can be booked direct with GunsOnPegs on 0207 491 1363 or at

After much uncertainty in the market as to whether days will be cancelled due to Avian Influenza (AI), GunsOnPegs can now help ease guns concerns as they now offer cancellation cover due to AI as an add on to single day cancellation policies as well as Triple Barrelled Cover policies.

Further details will be available from July 2017 please visit GunsOnPegs: or telephone 0207 491 1363.

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