Members' Days

As we field over 200 days and types of day it is difficult to run the Shoot as a true syndicate. The majority of our days are sold by the gun per day to individual guns or small parties joining a Members, Ladies, McRipley or Boundary Day. A typical Member would take a number of gun days throughout the season on each of our Shoots and I prefer guns to make a commitment of three to four gun days or more over the season. However anyone may join us for a day to see if the Shoot offers what you require, as an individual gun or by bringing a friend to shoot with you or just to join you on the day. If you enjoy the day with us I am sure you will join us again in the future. 
On Members, Ladies, McRipley and Boundary Days no overages are charged and we always aim to shoot in excess of the target bag. Roving Syndicate Days are sold as full days when overages may be charged but I much prefer to agree the target bag before we start shooting, not after!  

It is inevitable that by the way I run the Shoot selling mainly to individual guns, by the gun per day, that once the season starts there will be some unsold pegs. A day will be run providing a minimum of six pegs have been sold but the target bag may be revised in line with the number of guns. I am often asked if there are any odd pegs available at a reduced cost. For me discounted days begin with those of you who have already booked days. So I established our Exclusive Membership as a way of thanking and rewarding individual guns for their support. Purchasing shoot days to a value of £2,500.00 or more before VAT qualifies for Exclusive Membership. This applies to individual guns or where a team have booked, paid individually and collectively achieve £2,500.00 or more before VAT, then all members of the team are eligible for Exclusive Membership.

Exclusive Members are offered by e-mail, at reasonably short notice, a selection of dates where there are unsold pegs. You will receive a list of dates with attractive discounts offered on the original fee. You may purchase as many of the discounted pegs are you wish for yourself and to bring one or more guests on any of the days not just the days you have already booked. You must of course be present on the day when you bring a guest at discounted rates. 

Depending on the take up of days, I would hope to send out a number of offers during the season. However to be eligible to take advantage of these you need to have previously purchased days to the value for £2,500 plus VAT. If at present you have purchased days below the value you can always add more to make up the amount required. 

During the Summer Exclusive Members will receive a plastic card together with a list of retailers who offer attractive discounts on clothes and shooting accessories. No names or addresses of Members will be given to a third party. I am sure the benefits for Exclusive Members will increase as it becomes more established with the principle remaining to reward Exclusive Members for their support. I would also be very pleased to receive any suggestions as to how benefits to Exclusive Members may be increased and improved for the future. 
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