Shoot Day Information

Shoot Day Information

As in past seasons the majority of our days are let by the gun per day to individual guns or small parties making up the team. Some Exclusive Days are also available for full teams.

Shoot Fees

All fees remain as last season with the exception of early season days at Ripley Castle and Mountgarret which have been reduced. 

Start Time

We meet at 8.30 a.m. on all our days. 

Members Days

At Ripley Castle we field 9 guns with target bags of 200, 250, 300, 350, 400 and 450 birds. 

At Mountgarret we field 8 guns with target bags of 150, 200, 250, 300 and 350 birds. 

At Eagle Hall & Ashfold Side we field 8 guns with target bags of 200, 250, 300 and 350 birds. 

On all our days we start with a full breakfast and take lunch at midday or late afternoon. All meals and refreshments are included in the shoot fee; any non shooting guests are requested to make a donation towards our Charity Fund.

Boundary Days

We are fielding a number of Boundary days at Ripley Castle and Mountgarret with a target bag of 80 birds. The days will be run by our Head Keepers, David Cockshott at Ripley Castle and Martin Nesham at Mountgarret.

These are fun no frills days when we shoot a number of small drives and woods which are not normally shot on our main days.

Novice & Practice Days

As more of our Novice guns prefer to join our main days accompanied by an instructor, we are not running any Novice & Practice Days this season. 

I do stress we welcome “Novice” guns providing they have experienced some clay pigeon shooting and are prepared to be accompanied by an experienced gun or one of our loader/instructors.

Ladies' Days

More and more of our Ladies seem to prefer to join a normal shoot day and are of course very welcome to do so. We are fielding two Ladies Only Days on Tuesday 3rd October 2017 at Ripley Castle and Thursday 16th November 2017 at Mountgarret.

McRipley Days

A McRipley Day is the ultimate shoot day, incorporating main drives at both Ripley Castle and Eagle Hall & Ashfold Side on the same day. On our McRipley Days we field 2 teams of 9 guns:
Saturday 16th and Wednesday 27th December 2017. Saturday 13th and 20th January 2018.

Grouse Days on Hardcastle & Heathfield Moors

Based on returns from previous seasons I forecast our daily grouse bag will be from 50 to 140 brace, averaging 70 brace. We will field 9 guns on both Hardcastle Moor and Heathfield Moor.  

On booking a deposit of £735 + VAT per gun will be charged based on 40 brace, with the balance of the shoot fee charged after the shoot day based on the total bag for the day (after 40 brace) at £165 per brace + VAT up to 140 brace. No further charge will be made should we exceed 140 brace. No double guns, single guns only may be shot, with or without a loader.

If a grouse day is cancelled due to lack of birds a full refund of the deposit will be made. If a day is cancelled due to weather conditions each gun will be charged based on 70 brace i.e. £1,285 + VAT for 9 guns. I do therefore strongly recommend you take out shoot cancellation insurance available from GunsOnPegs:, or telephone 0207 491 1363 for a quotation.

Grouse & Partridge/Pheasant Days

We are fielding 6 days with a target bag of 35 brace of grouse and 150 partridge/pheasant. 

Roving Syndicate/ Corporate Days

Each season we run a number of days for Roving Syndicates or for Corporate Entertainment. These days are Exclusive to the teams of up to 8 or 9 guns. The dates can be chosen from our list of available dates however we can be very flexible if the date you require is not on the list. Bags can be from 300 to 450 birds to suit the host/team and the day is run exactly as a normal shoot day. These days are ideal for a Roving Syndicate or for a Corporate Team to entertain clients and friends. The cost is the same as normal shoot day with breakfast, lunch and refreshments throughout the day included in the shoot fee.


No overages are charged on Members, Ladies, McRipley or Boundary Days, however overages may, I stress may, be charged on full days taken by a Roving Syndicate or Corporate Days. However I much prefer to agree the target bag before the day not after!

Instructors & Loaders

We are fortunate in having available the services of a number of experienced driven game and clay pigeon shooting instructors. No matter how experienced a shot may be, having an instructor for the day soon rectifies all the bad habits - shooting ones - which we seem to perfect without too much of a problem! Having an instructor is a necessity for a novice game shot and even for an experienced shot an instructor can make quite a difference to your performance. The cost of an instructor/loader for the day is £90 which should be paid direct by the gun/host. 

This service is now very popular so as much prior notice as possible would be appreciated. If you do not require instruction, a loader is always useful to look after you for the day. If you bring your dog, having a loader gives you more time to work it at the end of a drive. If an instructor/loader is booked and then cancelled a minimum of 7 days’ notice of cancellation must be given. Otherwise the instructor/loader fee is due. 

Shotgun Hire

The law states that anyone may use a shotgun without a UK Shotgun Certificate or Visitors Permit provided it is in the presence of the owner who has it registered on his Shotgun Certificate plus you must have the required personal insurance cover in place. Shotguns are available for hire, provided notice is given, from one of our instructor/loaders at £50 per day. Knowledge of height and if he or she is left or right handed would help in selecting the most ideal shotgun available. 

Shotgun Certificate

You must have in your possession on all shoot days a valid UK Shotgun Certificate or UK Visitors Permit, with serial numbers of your shotguns entered on the Certificate or Permit. 

Non-shooting Guests

We welcome non shooting guests to accompany the guns and enjoy the shoot day, including breakfast, lunch and refreshments throughout the day when they are requested to make a donation to our Charity Fund. Some prior notice would be appreciated for catering arrangements. 

Drinks Breaks

We take a number of drinks and pie breaks during the day and as the weather turns colder we also serve my unique brew of bullshot which is most welcome on a winter’s day. Champagne, Sloe, Damson and Plum Gin are also served, which should be taken in moderation. Tea, coffee, soft drinks and other snacks are always available.

Dress Code

It is important to add to the sense of occasion and dress smartly out of respect to our quarry, pullover or jacket, tie, breeks and waterproof coat. However dressing sensibly and comfortably is more important in our variable climate. I suggest boots in preference to wellingtons.

Guns Fielded

The majority of our days are sold by the gun per day to individual guns or small parties and it may not always be possible to sell every gun on each day. We will field a team provided we have six guns or more; however we reserve the option to adjust the target bag in line with the number of guns fielded.

Double Guns

No double guns, single guns only may be shot, with or without a loader.


Felt or fibre wads only please, no plastic wads. There will always be suitable 12 and 20 bore cartridges available for purchase on the day. Non-toxic cartridges in 12 and 20 bore will be provided with the compliments of the Shoot when we shoot a dedicated duck drive.  


There will always be adequate parking to leave your car all day and everyone is welcome to bring their own four wheeled drive vehicle, there is no restriction to the number on the day, however I prefer no-one to be on their own, unless this is necessary for private phone calls etc. If you travel to the Shoot by car, there is normally space available in the other guns vehicles for you to travel with them. However please bear in mind that not everyone wishes to give a wet muddy dog a lift in their vehicle. 

Four Wheel Drive Courtesy Vehicle

As more and more guns are travelling some distance to shoot with us, often in a normal two wheel drive vehicle which is unsuitable for travelling around the shoot. We now have available with a driver a long wheel base Land Rover Station Wagon on each shoot day at Ripley Castle, Mountgarret and Eagle Hall/Moors. These vehicles will seat up to five people comfortably including our driver.

Each vehicle is available at no cost to the guns and their guests. However prior booking is recommended to ensure space is available. Dogs may travel in our Keepers vehicles.

Joining Pack

The location of meeting places and start times are detailed on your booking confirmation, with directions, maps and risk assessments included in a brochure which will be sent out to you well in advance of the season.


Driven game shooting is a dangerous sport and although I try to assess and avoid risks, accidents may happen. When you join the shooting field you need to have the confidence that the Shoot, your fellow guns and yourself are adequately insured in the event of accident or injury. With the ever increasing cost of litigation it is now necessary to have a minimum indemnity cover of £10 Million third party public and personal liability insurance. I confirm that Ripley Sporting has this level of cover, however in the event of a claim for an accident or injury caused by a member or guest, the first port of call will be on the persons own insurance. 

I must therefore insist that anyone shooting with us on any area under the management of Ripley Sporting should ensure that themselves and their guests have the required minimum cover of £10 Million third party, public and personal liability insurance in place well in advance of joining a shoot day and carry proof of this on all shoot days. As in the past this cover is available through Membership of BASC, The Countryside Alliance or similar organisations.

However we now have available an insurance package which not only offers similar cover to Membership of shooting organisations but just as importantly with our increasingly unpredictable weather, insurance against the loss of shoot days due to adverse weather conditions. GunsOnPegs Triple Barrelled cover has proved very useful to our Members in recent seasons. However there have been some changes with regard to premiums so I do strongly recommend you take this cover as soon as ever possible.  
For more details please visit:, or telephone 0207 491 1363 for a quotation. 

Booking Shoot Days

By telephone:
Daytime: 01423 323321: My secretary Lynda or myself
Evening: 01765 677343: After 8.00 p.m. up to 10.30 p.m. any evening
Mobile: 07774 271781: Daytime only

Confirmation of Booking

Following your booking a confirmation will be sent detailing your day(s), with the day, date, location, type of day, target bag, meeting place, breakfast and luncheon arrangements, start and finish times and shoot fee. A VAT invoice will accompany your confirmation. Please do not send any payment until you receive an invoice.

Cancellation of Booking

If you wish to cancel a gun you have already booked, providing a minimum of 30 days’ notice is given, the gun may be cancelled and either another date chosen or a full refund given. This applies to bookings of up to two guns on any one day. Should you wish to cancel three guns or more on any one day, this may be possible depending on the time of the season and provided sufficient notice is given. 

When a booking is made out of the 30 day cancellation period i.e. with less than 30 days remaining before the shoot day, should you find it is necessary to cancel the day the full shoot fee is due and you can send a safe replacement gun to shoot your peg.

Payment of Shoot Fees

Shoot fees of £2,000 or more: 30% due 1st February 40% due 1st May 30% due 1st August 

Shoot fees of less than £2,000: 50% due 1st February 50% due 1st August 
For bookings made after 1st August payment of the whole fee is due on receipt of an invoice.

VAT is added to all Shoot Fees with a VAT invoice issued prior to the due date. 

Payment can be made by cheque, payable to Ripley Sporting or direct into the bank. Our bank details are printed on the invoice. 
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