Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


By telephone:
Daytime: 01423 323321: My secretary Lynda or myself
Evening: 01765 677343: After 8.00 p.m. up to 10.30 p.m. any evening
Mobile: 07774 271781: Daytime only
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Confirmation of Booking

Following your booking a confirmation will be sent detailing your day(s), with the day, date, location, type of day, target bag, meeting place, breakfast and luncheon arrangements, start and finish times and shoot fee. A VAT invoice will accompany your confirmation. Please do not send any payment until you receive an invoice.


Driven game shooting is a dangerous sport and although I try to assess and avoid risks, accidents may happen. When you join the shooting field you need to have the confidence that the Shoot, your fellow guns and yourself are adequately insured in the event of accident or injury. With the ever increasing cost of litigation it is now necessary to have a minimum indemnity cover of £10 Million third party public and personal liability insurance.
I confirm that Ripley Sporting has this level of cover, however in the event of a claim for an accident or injury caused by a member or guest, the first port of call will be on the persons own insurance. 

I must therefore insist that anyone shooting with us on any area under the management of Ripley Sporting should ensure that themselves and their guests have the required minimum cover of £10 Million third party, public and personal liability insurance in place well in advance of joining a shoot day and carry proof of this on all shoot days. As in the past this cover is available through Membership of BASC, The Countryside Alliance or similar organisations.

However we now have available an insurance package which not only offers similar cover to Membership of shooting organisations but just as importantly with our increasingly unpredictable weather, insurance against the loss of shoot days due to adverse weather conditions. GunsOnPegs Triple Barrelled cover has proved very useful to our Members in recent seasons. However there have been some changes with regard to premiums so I do strongly recommend you take this cover as soon as ever possible.  
For more details please visit:
www.gunsonpegs.com/shooting_insurance/ripley, or telephone 0207 491 1363 for a quotation. 

Cancellation of Booking

If you wish to cancel a gun you have already booked, providing a minimum of 30 days’ notice is given, the gun may be cancelled and either another date chosen or a full refund given. This applies to bookings of up to two guns on any one day. Should you wish to cancel three guns or more on any one day, this may be possible depending on the time of the season and provided sufficient notice is given. 

When a booking is made out of the 30 day cancellation period i.e. with less than 30 days remaining before the shoot day, should you find it is necessary to cancel the day the full shoot fee is due and you can send a safe replacement gun to shoot your peg.

Payment of Shoot Fees

Shoot fees of £2,000 or more: 30% due 1st February 40% due 1st May 30% due 1st August 

Shoot fees of less than £2,000: 50% due 1st February 50% due 1st August 
For bookings made after 1st August payment of the whole fee is due on receipt of an invoice.

VAT is added to all Shoot Fees with a VAT invoice issued prior to the due date. 

Payment can be made by cheque, payable to Ripley Sporting or direct into the bank. Our bank details are printed on the invoice.
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