Types of Day

Types of Day



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The Shoot is principally a Members Shoot with Members Days making up over 80% of the days fielded. These days are sold by the gun per day to individual guns or small parties. In order to avoid the day being dominated by one team, small parties are limited to five guns joining the day. If more guns are required the day becomes an Exclusive Day providing days are available.

* Membership is automatically earned when you book a day.
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These days are like two days in one and with only main drives at both Ripley Castle and Eagle Hall & Ashfold Side. In order to include all the drives on the day without rushing around, we start with breakfast in the Dining Room at Ripley Castle at 8.30 a.m.
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These days are ideal for a group of Members, a Roving syndicate or similar wishing to make up a full day exclusive to themselves or for a Company to entertain their clients and friends. The dates may be chosen from our list of available dates where no guns have been taken on the day.
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Ladies Only

When shooting at Eagle Hall & Ashfold Side you must be prepared for all types of weather at anytime of the season. So please come well prepared for the best and worst weather which can sometimes occur on the same day! Always have some insect repellent with you – you will definitely need it on some days.
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Boundary Days

Back by popular demand!

These days are specifically designed to make full use of the land we have, even parts that are not suitable for bigger bags.

You will take a good deal of exercise, and see parts of our Shoots, you would not otherwise see.
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